Multi-site Woody Plant Evaluation in Colorado

This is an ongoing project which utilizes four different sites throughout Colorado including Colorado State University Horticulture Research Center -Fort Collins; Western Colorado Research Center, Orchard Mesa, Grand Junction; CALF’s Lowell Ranch; Douglas County and Little Valley Wholesale Nursery, Brighton. The trial includes both tree and shrub species. Five to eight replications of each taxon are planted at each site.

The trial plants are planted and maintained according to each host nursery’s cultural practices. Sites are visited throughout the year to collect growth, aesthetic and general performance data. Cooperators also provide qualitative data regarding their impression of plant performance. In 2021, we plan to plant 6 to 8 additional new taxa at each site depending on availability. Results are published in CNGA Looseleaf, Colorado Green and presented at Pro Green and other conferences and shown at field days throughout the year.

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